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TestimonialsI am extremely impressed with the runes reading I took from you. It was a quite unique form of divination as opposed to astrology and tarot etc. Keep up the good work. Kudos! Srinathan Reddy (Chennai)

Hey Tanya! Finally got loads of queries with your Runes reading service. I was astounded by the way you explained stuff.. Thanks and God bless Karthik Sahni (Delhi)

I have been regular in getting my Tarot and Astro readings done, but runes reading were the most interesting thing I have ever come across. The reading that I took from you was quite insightful and accurate. Thanks for being there. Shehnaz Ramchandani (Mumbai)

Tanya, your runes reading are as accurate as your tarot readings. You are Gods true messenger .shall always love to seek your guidance and support for things small and Nishi Wadhwa (New Delhi)

To be honest, I was a little worried about this new form of fortune telling called runes....I kept thinking whether it will help me find a solution to my problem or not...leaving aside the fact that it was expensive...but guys i went for it because Tanya advised me to do so and today i feel so good and happy that i came in contact with such a powerful and interesting form of divination....Thank you Tanya Rishabh Mishra (Hyderabad)

Thanks Tanya for introducing me to this powerful and interesting form of divination. It is not only meaningful, but you add so much of life and fun to the entire process thanks for your help........loads of love Radhika Gupta (Calcutta)

Your Runes reading was so accurate about my dads health whatever was predicted was in front of our eyes. We were amazed about how certain symbols could tell so much.felt like Magic Thanks a ton... Swagatha Walkey (Pune)

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