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Across civilizations and eras, the sun has been looked as the divine element, which is the protector of life and is the all powerful force. It not only radiates light but has the magical ability to heal, due to which people still pray to it. With the sources of light increasing for the modern man the connection with the sun reduced and has impacted our health. Scientists agree that being in unnatural light leads to a large number of diseases and severely hampers our mood as well.

This all powerful universal healer can benefit us even further when:

» One eats whatever is fresh and not stored and prefers nature walks when the sun rises.
» Colors such as yellow, red and orange, and metals such as gold, diamond and amber assist in healing us.
» One should also use sun incense-Golden Frankincense.
» Meditating in sunlight strengthens a person and one can feel the darkness evaporate and light enter the body, making it warm and energized.

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