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TestimonialsAs I understood early in life that I am capable of healing myself and others, I inquired the efficacy of this by focusing on my own issues. Initially I took the results by surprise and astonishment, as I started to come out slowly yet steadily from negativity in life. As I worked on myself, my health improved, all the relationships in my life turned to better than before and particularly money started flowing into my life. In fact the healing resulted in steady opening of unexpected pathways which are associated with fulfillment of my life purpose. After a period of time, I started the healing with others like family members, friends and professionally with various clients. The healing was successful based on the degree of belief and readiness of others in releasing of their lifelong patterns. Every one belief systems are different and the patterns can be simple to complex based on the issues. All healing is done by divine self and I am just the facilitator of this divine energy.

The healing work, in its most pure form, requires a lot of focus,concentration and dedication from my side as it involve working with the energy of others. In fact these healing energies, if properly directed and received will change one’s life course and guides you in most wonderful ways leading to the elimination of serious issues and fulfillment of your desires. Till date, I have done hundreds of healings regarding various issues and almost all of them received amazing to great results. If not, I am ready to refund the total amount I received from them, as I am quite confident about the powerful work I do.

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