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TestimonialsI am a simple person and grounded to the roots of reality & Life. I believe in positive energies and Divine Guidance. I believe that every person who crosses my path is helping me in fulfilling my life purpose..I believe in Growth and Expansion as a spiritual being. I believe that everything happens for a reason and the Life is a true path of celebration.I believe in what I do. I am a pragmatic and result oriented person, as positive results matter the most in todayís world and in the work I do.I love making friends and this shows in my life. Personally and professionally I have innumerable friends, as they believe that I am trust worthy, empathetic, warm, kind-hearted and fun to be with. I believe in maintaining a long lasting relationship with all my clients. In fact my practice of Occult reading & Healing work grew in leaps and bounds with staggering amount of clientele from past 8 years. This happened with much of mouth publicity than any sort of extensive publicity gimmicks, as the clients with impressive and long lasting positive results spread the word like a wild fire. Till now I worked with clients from almost all areas in India and fewer countries of Abroad. I believe in equality and Oneness. I worked with people of almost all religions in India. I am open minded and non judgmental, and it helps the clientele in opening themselves more to the resolution of their situations. .

I believe in ethics. I believe in trust and faith. I follow specific guidelines in all the work I do to the most positive, powerful and impressive results. I believe in spreading the light of God as every kind of positive work is guiding me and my clientele towards the path of success and happiness.

I believe in service of right kind and service of under-privileged. I do tithing. I give almost 30% of my earnings to various charity works. I canít explain in detail about this as the service work I do, stems from inner knowing that all are same and I doesnít believe in publicity of charity either.

Apart from these, I am deeply interested in various aspects of human behavior. I update myself everyday with various sources of knowledge that guide me in understanding the complexities of human behavior.This turned out to be a great source for understanding myself and everyone in my life, including clientele.

I follow positive karma, as every deed done will return to us in 10 fold. I trust the process of life and Divine, as everything I am today is a gift of Divine and I will be vigilant in using these gifts with utmost care and concern. As we believe, focus and follow positivity, the universe will support us by sending more and more positive events into our life and our life will turn into a journey of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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