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TestimonialsDistance healing is a modality of energy therapy where the sessions are performed by the healer o correct the energetic imbalances in a person's aura and energy body to restore the optimum physical, mental and emotional health of the person. They are called distance healings because the healer performs them without the physical presence of the person. Here are some of the details that can enlighten you in understanding the journey of distance healing:

1. The results of the healing depend on the efficiency of the healer and the receptivity of the client.

2. Distance is never an issue in these types of healings. As we all are surrounded by energy, the universal etheric substance acts a medium for the transfer of divine energy from the healer to the client, which results in the process of healing in a powerful way. Receptivity of the client is of tremendous importance as the total healing results in the energy body of the client, followed by the transference of positive effects from energy body to the physical body. Though these concepts are totally new to the modern people, the presence of etheric, emotional and mental bodies are as concrete as the presence of visually perceptive physical body.

3. The concept of distance healing has its origins in the ancient civilizations followed by detailed descriptions in various age-old scriptures. As the advanced medicine practice is unable to resolve most of the diseases, due to its superficial understanding of the human body (as their researches are limited to only visually perceptive physical body and never bothered about the mental,emotional and etheric bodies), many of the crowd are finding solace in alternative energy healing therapies which are producing scientifically evident results, as fast as possible and are long lasting too.

4. All Mental, emotional and physical problems can be healed with distance healing, but the results vary from person to person. Usually the positive and open minded people experience fast healing results than pessimistic personalities. The person starts feeling positive, energized and fresh, immediately after the completion of single session itself.

5. For healing purposes, specific details of the person are required. These details will guide the healer in formulating a specific healing pattern to follow, which results in swift and powerful results. Usually the results of distance healing are permanent and results in total well being of the client. Also, the number of healing sessions depends on the complexity of the situation. Usually 1-2 sessions are sufficient for simple concerns, whereas 4-6 sessions may be required for complex scenarios.

6. Usually distance healing appears to be expensive than tarot and other forms of reading, but the healing requires application of expensive materials and exhaustive dedication from the healer to produce concrete results, hence the charges are completely fair enough.

7. Distance healing requires prior consultations with the healer for reading the energy of the client, followed by formulation of exact application of remedies for specific healing. A preferred time frame of 1 - 2 weeks between each healing session is advocated for better results..

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