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People coming under the purview of the number 1 are ruled by the Sun. All cultures at some time or the other including the Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese, etc have prayed to the sun for its life giving energy.

Positive Attributes: Number 1's are fearless, direct, enthusiastic, devoted, have integrity and are known to accomplish things in life.

Negative Attributes:

Generally prone to have excessive pride, ego, obstinate, materialistic, temperamental, and not great listeners!

Finance and Career:


They are never in real short supply and do well for themselves on this front due to their drive to be well known.


Number 1's do well in the fields of teaching, spirituality, administration and politics. Since they are their own masters, they love to distinguish themselves, and succeed in the fields of medicine and arts as well. They are also trendsetters due to their ability to lead by example.


Can suffer losses due to partnerships in business and even in a fast money making scheme.


They are generally practical in life and their passion and drive is more towards fame and prestige in life than love. Although not too keen on love when compared to work, they prefer beautiful partners.


Since number 1's can be prone to being rash, they might be inflexible, or not caring enough. This can be detrimental in a relationship and is best avoided. If you do not listen or remain adamant in love, do so at your own peril with disastrous consequences.


Since you prefer spicy food and have no fixed time for it, you may face digestive issues apart from lack of stamina, mood fluctuation and may even be prone to excessive anger.


Incorporate more juices and liquids in your diet and have regular meals. Mint and less spicy food will benefit you immensely.


Ruled by the sun, colours similar to it will work wonders for you. Be it a yellow, orange, bronze or gold, they are all lucky for you. Wearing a gold ring with a ruby in it will take you higher in life. Chanting the sun mantras will be uplifting for you. Contact your spiritual guide and find out the mantras that will suit you best. Numbers that are lucky for you are 2, 3, and 9 while 1, 2, 4 and 8 will suit you for marriage. 1, 4, 8, and 9 are beneficial for business.

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