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People with number 2 as their number are ruled by the moon. Moon has always fascinated mankind and has long been considered the symbol of mystique and love. The Hindus have prayed to it for ages and even open a few fasts after seeing it, hence it has always had religious significance.

Positives Attributes:

Number 2's love to take care of people and are great lovers, of artistic bent and are wise and mentally sharp along with having religious overtones.

Negative Attributes:

Find it difficult to handle emotional issues and are easily upset by criticism. They can be finicky, choosy, unbalanced, and at times tend to annoy unnecessarily.

Finance and career:

They have providence in their corner when it comes to monetary issues. They make sudden profits, by winning at chance games and even by inheritance. This plays a major role in them leading a luxurious life.


Their artistic tendencies make them best suited for diverse fields from writing to psychics. They even do well in the fashion industry and distinguish themselves in careers that have the spotlight on them E.g, Anchoring, media etc.


Trusting people easily will be disastrous. Taking up more than you can handle will result in losses, so avoid greed.


Number 2's are wonderful as lovers due to their ability to care. However going overboard can leave you tired and unsatisfied. People can take advantage of you due to your excessive romanticism, and craving for perfection.


Do not reveal too early in a relationship. Keep your finances and monetary issues separate from relationships and you will be thankful for the advice.


Your love for the sweets can play havoc with your health and lead to diabetes and tooth ailments. Overworking can lead to eye strain and problems of sight, best avoided with timely sleep.


Do not avoid pending issues and learn to take them head on. Avoid being involved in miniscule affairs and reduce your craving for sugar.


Being honest and ruled by the moon, blue, silver and white suit you best. Silver is your charm, employ it as much as you can. You can also wear a pearl for peace. Tuesdays and Fridays are your days of fortune, while 2 and 6 are your lucky numbers. Favourable results in business can be had on 2, 4 and 6. If you intend to tie the knot then 2 and 8 are best suited for you. As to which mantra to chant or meditate on, consult your numerologist for individual benefits.

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