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Ruled by the planet Uranus is the number 4. The eternal pragmatist the number 4's are ones born on 4, 13th, 22nd and the 31st.

Positive Attributes:

Number 4's have high level of integrity, however only towards the ones they are in close relation with. They are resolute, brave and possess great vision.

Negative Attributes:

They are inflexible, earnest, emotive, of unbalanced mindset and overly concerned about matters.

Finance and Career:

Of analytical ability, number 4's are excellent lawyers, accountants and engineers. They command respect from those working for them. They like to build things and they want their work to speak for them. They do not care for much due to their honest ways and make just about enough money to lead a comfortable life.


Take care not to reveal your business propositions to rivals as that could be harmful. Excessively relying on trust and honesty could see you in trouble.


Are amongst the best lovers and take phenomenal care of the loved ones. Unfortunately are not appreciated to the same degree. Mood fluctuation can see them take rash decision although their frank openness insures that they remain honest.


Do not accept anyone and everyone's advice in love and marry when you are convinced about it. Also insure that your partner doesn't feel suffocated in the relationship.


The evil eye can be your curse. It can see you ill for prolonged periods and leave you with hair loss, liver damage and even skin allergies. Suggestion: Do not compromise on sleeping time and avoid milk and related products. Eat healthier foods and care adequately for your health. Correspondences: The colours gold, earthy and brown will suit you best. Sunday indeed is your lucky day! Marriage will be great on the 1st, 4th, 6th and the 8th while 1, 4 and 6 are beneficial for business. Amongst the metals, gold is lucky for you. To know which mantra will work wonders for you, contact your numerologist today. And remember, Cats Eye is your lucky gemstone.

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