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Ruled by the influential planet Mercury, people born on the 5th, 14th and the 23rd are the number fives.

Positive Attributes:

Child like disposition makes them look younger than their age. The Goddess of providence is almost permanently in their corner even though they are short tempered. They like to be their own master and are romantic, knowledgeable and excellent communicators.

Negative Attributes:

Their quest for having consistent adventures in life makes them changeable, which leads to lack of concentration. Their excessive work habits also tend to take a toll in their lives.

Finance and Career:

Being expressive and outspoken speakers makes them suited for radio jockeys, marketing, as artists and interviewers. Making money by working smart rather than sheer industriousness is their mantra. They tend to portray themselves in better monetary condition than they actually may be in. Love: Number 5 men are often womanisers and quite candid in their relationship, though they do not manage to make it last. Due to their lack of patience they make rash decisions in marriage.


It will be feasible that you marry a known person than a complete stranger. If you do then it is advisable that you do not reveal all your secrets too quickly.


Drinking or excessive smoking and also trying too many types of food articles may lead to kidney and teeth damage. Unsettled lifestyle may also lead to lack of sleep that can further compound your health problems.


Take care of your health by being wise in food selection. Spend time on yourself as your body is through which you see and experience the world.


Green and like colours are lucky for you while an emerald of the same colour can change your fortune. Gold is your metal of luck. Number 5 is your lucky charm. 3, 5 and 6 dates are favourable for marriage just as 3, 5 and 9 are for business. Wednesday and Friday are days when your luck peaks. To know which mantra suits you and can give your life a Philip, consult your numerologist today.

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