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Ruled by the beautiful evening star Venus, people born on the 6th, 15th and the 24th fall within the purview of the number 6.

Positive Attributes:

They are said to possess a will of steel. One can not only rely on them but can expect them to be faithful in the sun as well as the shade.

Negative Attributes:

They tend to involve themselves in miniscule affairs which can at times lead to narrow mindedness. They are at times opinionated and extra loyal that sees them find themselves in the middle of problems.

Finance and Career:

They love to lead a fancy life in spite of the fact that they do not like industriousness. Providence does rescue them time and again when they talk and think big but are unable to live up to it. Their tastes are high class and of finesse and they detest the everyday mundane life. Their looks and personality makes them best suited as actors and media personalities. They do well even in the fields of fashion, jewellery, salon and modelling. Love: They are quite romantic by nature and for them love and marriage are quite valuable. They may take more time to commit, but once in a relationship they are lifelong companions. They can put everything at stake to make a relationship work, including but limited to their career. As long as they are in a relationship they remain in a jolly mood, but if out of it, they find it difficult to come out of the depressive state of affairs.


Take care and time to select a partner and avoid a hasty or rash decision.


A taste for refined and rich food can see them develop heart, stomach and problems of obesity. They can also suffer from mental disturbances from a broken relationship.


A regular exercise schedule along with a controlled diet can keep you healthy and you can avoid the problems that a normal number 6 faces.


3 is your lucky number for most events in life. Marrying on the 3rd and 6th will be successful while 3, 6 and 9 are great for business. Fridays and Saturdays are your lucky days. Diamond is your lucky stone while colours white, beige and silver will you in good stead. To know which mantra will take you to prodigious heights in life consult your numerologist today and see your life take a jump into a fruitful future.

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