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The cards that were once revered for their divination powers across Europe are now frequenting the pink city of Jaipur. The pictures, symbols, numbers and their meanings have always intrigued all who have seen or heard about these magical cards.

Every card has a different meaning and when read in combination with other cards then it is best left to an expert with experience to answer. Tarot reading in Jaipur was earlier available only in expensive hotels but now the situation has changed in the last decade. The credit for this goes to Tanya, the best tarot card reader in Jaipur.

She possesses a tarot deck which has been instrumental in delivering defining moments in the lives of all her clientele. Her psychic ability is remnant of the founders of this art, for she too has succeeded in all her endeavors with her cards.

Whenever, politicians, actors, students and sportsmen etc require the services of a tarot reader in Jaipur, Tanya is the definite first choice. She understands that even though the cards may have their meanings, but depending on the situation, question and by combining other cards the answer can be different, and hence it is important to be careful which is only possible for an expert like her who has been a thorough professional for over a decade.

Tarot Card Reading in Jaipur owes a lot to her for putting it on the map and getting it officially recognized. Today even you too can take advantage of her fortuning services. For further information log on to or directly connect with the "Empress of Tarot" Tanya on the following numbers:




Skype: tanya.tarot

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