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TestimonialsVastu Tips to improve your Married LifeBedroom should be in the South, West or between North and North-West. Crystal bowl with healed salt water, changeable ever day must be kept in the room. Space under the bed should be kept clean to stimulate positive energy. Keep the windows open during the day and use lively colors like green, pink, yellow and blue for a better married life. Objects and paintings that denote growth, a pair of doves and swans etc, fresh flowers like lilies, roses will lead to harmony and love in married life.

South-East direction is a place of fire and hence the bedroom must never be in this direction as doing so will lead to a difficult married life. Do not place the bed under a beam and avoid black and red colors in the bedroom for a harmonious relationship. Metal beds, loose wires in the room, pointed objects like nails etc in the direction of the bed should be avoided.

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