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TestimonialsCoffee Cup Reading is unique as it allows your fortune to be told by looking at the cup from which you have just consumed coffee! Coffee and fortune-telling go hand in hand in this ancient tradition from Turkey. The concept behind Turkish coffee fortune-telling (kahve fali as it is called) is conceptually very simple. The shapes and patterns left by the grounds on the cup at the bottom and saucer have some deep meanings and can only be understood by an able psychic. The rules to Coffee Cup Readings is very simple. The person who wants to know his/her future should drink the coffee.

The person should be in a relaxed mood and sip it in slowly. Also keep in mind that the coffee should be drunk always from the same side of the cup. After the last sip, place the saucer on top of the coffee cup and wish for the best. After this with the saucer still covering the top, hold the cup at chest level and turn counter-clockwise a few times. Then, turn the saucer and the cup is placed upside down. Now you have to wait until the cup cools. Some people prefer to put a coin on top of the upside down cup to make it cool faster and to dispel bad omens that could be read from it.

Coffee Cup Readers like me predict the future of the drinker according to the symbols created by the coffee ground left in the cup. Starting from the cup's handle to the base, the coffee creates horizontal and vertical lines. So, we have four different imagery areas in the cup to understand and predict. The most crucial point of fortune-telling from Coffee Cup Reading is to put your personal interpretation.

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