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TestimonialsVastu Tips for your officeWhen selecting an office prefer a square or rectangular and the desks in it should also be rectangular. Keep the central area of the office premises empty and the staff should work facing the north or East. Doors should be in the north and east, while the toilets should be in the north-east or south-west. Pantry serves best in the southeast while waiting rooms are suited for the north-west or north-east. Always sit with a solid back behind you and use colors like blue, green, white, crème and brown. A water fountain in the north-east is ideal.

Office should be away from a place of worship, graveyard and hospital. Do not work under the stairs or beams. War or horror pictures should be avoided in office along with cactus or sharp plants. Office door must be clutter free and an empty vase must never be kept next to the main door.

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