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TestimonialsVastu Tips for Puja RoomPuja or prayer room should be situated in the East, North or north-east on the ground floor and in the centre of the house. If the house is congested then the mandir can be placed in the north-east corner of the kitchen while the idols of deities should be facing north. Doors of the puja room should be of good quality wood having two shutters and the idols should be placed an inch away from the wall. Roof of the puja room should be pyramid shaped and puja things should be stored in the south-east direction. Colors like white, yellow and light blue serve best.

Puja place cannot be in the bedroom, above or below toilet or stairs. Cracked or broken statues have no place in the puja room and so do pictures of ancestors along with deities. Avoid artificial flowers, colors like steel silver, grey and black in the puja room. Money or valuables shouldn’t be stored or hidden in the puja room.

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