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TestimonialsVastu Tips for BedroomBedrooms should be in square or rectangular shape while their entrance serves best in the North, East or North-West direction. Colors like light rose, orange, white yellow and blue release positive energy. The master bedroom should be on the upper story and its flooring should be higher than that of other rooms. Heavy items should be kept in the South-East or North-West. Hangings, pictures on walls creates positivity.

Statues and pictures of the divine force must be avoided in the bedroom. Bedrooms on the North-East side bode ill and so do their doors if they are situated in the South-West direction. Bedrooms mustn’t be in the centre of the house and shouldn’t be kept dark. Do not use box beds for bedrooms and also do not keep shoes etc under the bed. Bedrooms planned in the South-East direction lead to marital discord and persistent tensions.

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