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The four directions together make up the four powers and knowing them well can assist us synchronize better with the Earth and overall life.

East: The sun rising in the East is significant as this denotes a fresh start and the celestial enlightenment. Nature sees this point as holy and religious institutions place their altars in this direction. As a person moves from one phase to another, takes on a new endeavor or requires inspiration then the East is the direction of salvation.


Color- Yellow

Element- Air

Bird- Eagle

Zodiac- Taurus, Capricorn

Season- Spring

Angel- Raphael

Time- Dawn

South: A place of sound footing, the south symbolizes the emergence of a new purpose, a place where ideas come closer to their foundation and of radical growth. It is where one experiences and learns.


Color- Red

Element- Fire

Animal- Mouse

Season- Summer

Angel- Michael

West: This is where power meets its maximum potential. This is a time for introspection as one makes plans for the future. This is where the sun completes its daily cycle hence an important point of change.


Color- Black, dark blue and purple

Element- Water

Animal- Bear

Season- Autumn

Angel- Gabriel

North: Here the night is at its peak but so is the thirst of knowledge. It denotes concentration and a clear idea. This is where will power is strengthened and energies rejuvenated.


Color- White

Element- Earth

Animal- Buffalo

Season- Winter

Angel- Uriel

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