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Air is the germinating seed and the beginning of life and controls all new developments that occur. It may be in the form of a quiet and soothing wind that makes the environment enjoyable or a ravaging tornado. Naturally it is strongest in the skies, valleys and within the clouds while it is also prevalent in colleges, airports and parking's etc. One may go for nature walks where trees or open spaces abound or sit at home and indulge in deep breathing exercises to explore this wonderful element and connect with one's higher self.

Air Correspondences:

Direction: east

Season: spring

Deity: Hermes mercury, Thoth

Color: - yellow, lighter shade of blue

Incense: - lime and sandal-wood

Senses: - hearing and smell

The Air Personality:

Positive Attributes:

These people are methodical in approach and lay stress on logic in their decision making. They do not allow the impulse to get the better of them and are quite romantic by nature.

Negative Attributes:

Their excessive reliance on logic leads to dilly dallying and hence some of their best plans end up in smoke.


They are prone to pain in the neck region, skin allergies and throat infections which can be a regular feature.

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