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This is an element that changes whatever it comes in contact with. To know it one may sit in front of it. It is strongest in volcanoes, kitchens and boiler rooms. Some prefer to use the candle flame to know it better by meditating upon it.

Fire Correspondences:

Direction: south

Zodiac: Sagittarius and Aries

Sense: sight

Deity: Apollo, Lugh

Gender - masculine

Color- orange, red, yellow

Time - mid-day

Season - summers

The Fir Personality

Positive Attributes:

They are creative by nature and excel in sports. They like taking risks to succeed and do not prefer the rigmarole of domestic life. Put them in a leadership role and they have the ability to do wonders.

Negative Attributes:

They are often depressed easily and end up with lack of motivation. Some find them to be selfish at times and there negative attributes are quite pronounced.


Stomach infections like boils, acidity, and constipation are common. Skin and stomach allergies along with high blood pressure and body pains like head ache and pain in eyes are also what they generally have to deal with quite frequently. They are easily excited and hence are anxious and easily depressed.

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