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It is considered a flowing emotion as it is fluid and forever moving. So whether it is lakes, ponds seas or streams, they are all governed by this force. Being the element of love one can be close to it when out in the rain or spending quality time in a water body like a pool or tub. It has the ability to not only heal but also purify a person.

Water Correspondences:

Direction: west

Season: autumn

Color: blue, grey, green

Gender: feminine

Sense: taste

Incense: jasmine, vanilla

Deity: Neptune, Venus

The Water Personality

Positive Attributes:

A phenomenal sixth sense they are talented poets, artistes and singers that are emotional, romantic and concerned in a relationship. They like to walk fast but prefer to talk slowly. Are normally thin, light skinned, emotional and spiritual in nature.

Negative attributes:

They tend to lack confidence at crucial junctures. They are very possessive in a relationship which in turn at times leads to not only break ups but them being humiliated as well. Their inability to share their thoughts with their better halves also leads to sour relationships.


They face eye problems, anxiety, uncalled for swing in the mood and a problematic metabolism.

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