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Earth symbolizes integrity and the other elements have this as their base. It is wise, thoughtful, patient and receptive and helps us to know ourselves better. In the natural world jungles, valleys and open fields represent this element. Gardening and playing are the best to connect with this element. Keeping flowers and plants around are a perfect way of connecting with this medium.

Earth Correspondences:

Direction:�- north

Time: - mid-night

Color:�- red, brown

Sense:- touch

Incense: - vetiver, myrrh

Season: - winter

Gender: - feminine

Deity: pan (horned god)

The Earth Personality

Positive Attributes:

They prefer the family environment and can be depended upon. They enjoy the material pleasures of the family life and have the ability to compromise where necessary. They believe in the spiritual life and are liked in society. They succeed in farming, gardening and activities that require work by the hand.

Negative Attributes:

Overly concerned with material possessions they lack decision making abilities at crucial times. Unable to take risks and concerned excessively about their future they prefer a smooth life without hassles and like someone to guide them.


They are prone to throat infections, backaches and breathing problems.

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