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The spirit is also better known as the fifth element that binds the other four together and possesses the knowledge of all that has occurred in the celestial universe. This is the most mysterious of all elements and also the most respected due to its sacredness and the fact that it cannot be seen or touched but only felt. Its closeness to the divine has seen it being propelled to a demy God status.

The power of the Spirit: The fifth element is unperturbed by the physical properties of a person or space. Sages, musicians and poets have since eternity used metaphors and prayers to convey the powers and emotions of the spirit as words are incapable of describing this legend of elements.

Magical correspondences:

��The pentagram symbolizes the fifth element. The five points of the pentagram represent Air, Fire, Earth and Water with spirit at the apex. It clearly symbolizes that spirit is the cosmic glue that binds everything together.

��In the chakra system spirit is associated with the crown or the seventh chakra.

��In the tarot deck it is represented by The World, the last card of the Major Arcana.

��Spirit's colors are white and black as it essentially reflects all other vibrations of light and dark.

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