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TestimonialsVastu Tips for Entrance GateThe main door should be the biggest and most majestic which should be opened for sometime everyday to allow fresh air and positive energy to flow. Its joints should be well lubricated and a thorn can be hung on it. The doors should open inwards and only the best quality wood should be used for it. The length and breadth of the door should be in proportion and auspicious motifs should be painted near the entrance.

»The doorbell should be working and nameplate shining. »The main door mustn’t be in the extended or any cut portion of the plot nor should it be in the middle of the house. »Doors shouldn’t be opposite each other in the east, west or north and south directions. »Doors shouldn’t open outwards or be creaking. »The main door must never be below the street level. »There shouldn’t be any cracks or obstruction (trees) etc in front of the main door.

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