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These are eight sided (eight trigrams) mirrors in a wooden or metal frame that keep evil or negative energy at a distance. If you are experiencing unpleasant energy in a given area of home and office or if your home or office is at a T intersection then this feng-shui product could do wonders for you. It is also a lucky mascot as it attracts wealth and positivity. A concave mirror is used to neutralize any bad omen or energy while the convex is used to point back the negative energy. The convex is not desirable as it is not considered as positive energy, hence best avoided.

Do's and Don'ts:

* Never buy a bagua mirror without consulting a feng-shui expert as only an expert can decipher whether it is even required.

* Never keep them indoors or use them as a decorative item.

* Never keep unclean, cracked or damaged mirrors.

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