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These are well known to emanate peace, serenity and bestow wisdom wherever planted. It is acclaimed to heal a person apart from being a symbol of luck. When planting bamboo sticks remember that each has a separate meaning: 2 sticks - Love and marriage. 3 sticks - Happiness. 5 sticks - Health. 8 sticks - Wealth in great quantity. 9 sticks -Luck Also a bamboo plant works its magic when it has all 5 elements i.e. earth, water, fire, metal and wood present. It has remedial value and should be touched often as it sends positive energy and provides serenity to those close to it.

Do's and Don'ts:

��Tie a red ribbon around the flower pot in which this plant grows to enhance its energy.

��Always consult a Feng-shui expert to ascertain where to place the plant and how to use it for maximum benefit.

��Always care for the plant if you wish to reap the rewards of its presence in your house for it too is living and requires your attention.

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