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Three Feng-Shui coins tied with a red ribbon increase a person's fortune and wealth. The coins depict the ancient Chinese coins with a square hole in the centre that denotes the coming together of Earth and heaven which is considered the most powerful energy reservoir. These coins can be kept in purses, mattresses, crystal bowls, drawers and can even be displayed and lead to overall prosperity. Together the coins stand for mankind, (providence) heaven (energy) and earth (completion) and are normally made of brass or bronze. Each coin has two sides with the yang reflecting positive and yin amenable.

Do's and Don'ts:

��Always keep the yang side facing upwards.

��Keep the coins clean and shining.

��Be extremely careful before placing these coins and it is advised to strictly consult a Fengshui expert to ensure that the effects are not detrimental.

��Do not place them on a front door that faces the South or East.

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