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Better known as the trinity of Gods in Feng-Shui, Fuk is for peace, Luk for fortune, control and strength, while Sau represents lifespan. They are peculiar to Chinese culture and the statues are an intrinsic part of Chinese homes. Placed on a high pedestal they are respected but not prayed to. Fu represents yang and Jupiter, Luk denotes Ursa Major constellation and Sau reflects the south pole. If you too want a change in fortune, improve your physical or mental fitness and tranquillity in your life then it's probably time to bring the trinity home. These statues are commonly made of metals and porcelain and kept in homes and offices. Auspicious offerings of fruits etc are made to the Fuk-Luk-Sau.

Do's and Don'ts:

* Always keep the statues right to left with Fu on the right, Lu in the middle and Sau on the left.

* Statues should never face the main door, toilet or be under a beam.

* Never buy feng-shui statues without consulting an expert in the field.

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