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The two mandarin ducks symbolize love and the integrity in it. Taken from nature where ducks live as a couple and are unable to survive alone. The ducks are known for their soft nature, bonding and fondness for each other. If you have them at home, you are sure to experience bliss in love, better marital affairs, minimum or no discords and strengthen overall relationship. The ducks can be in ceramic, jade and even rose quartz. They are excellent in giving out vibrations of love. If you want to fall in or retain love then this is a must have symbol to keep at home.

Do�s and Don�ts:

��Always go for a pair of ducks and never a single one as that could be detrimental and counterproductive.

��Always consult a feng-shui expert to determine the kind of ducks that will suit you best.

��Keep the ducks clear of dust so that they can emit their positive love energy.

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