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The frog is popularly known as the money frog in feng-shui as it represents fortune and property. It looks like a wallet full of money and as it is found near water, which is a symbol of prosperity and is considered a sign of positive luck. The frog must be kept facing the door and never on the ground for more wealth. To receive good news it can be placed in the south-east corner and to enhance career or business prospects it should be placed in the northern part of the living room. It assists people in spending wisely, puts an end to financial troubles and protects existing wealth.

Do's and Don'ts:

��Do not place it opposite to a door rather in the corner of a room as directed by a feng-shui expert.

��Never place it on a low table, bedroom or kitchen.

��Place nine frogs in different parts of the house as directed by the expert for better finances and luck.

��To activate the frog keep it on red paper or tie a red ribbon around it.

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