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TestimonialsLove is the most powerful and charismatic force in this universe that has the potential to drive a person either to greatness or madness. No wonder there are so many achievements and worries surrounding everyone's love life. But don't you worry, as you will be guided to the right decisions that will magnificently change the very course of your life leading to true happiness. No more heart breaks, No more sleepless nights, No more waiting for that phone calls, No more codependency. All will vanish in thin air, forever. Every person has at least potential soul mates in every lifetime and with right guidance, you will surely meet your true soul mate, with whom you will have fulfilling and joyous life, where each of you complements the fulfillment of true life purpose together. When we are in the company of the right person, we feel better, Ideas flow easily, Creativity sky rockets, Compassion increases and everything is a possibility.Everyone might have experienced those magical moments in their life time,but only few shall have the courage to go ahead and get married to that wonderful partner of theirs. Now those magical moments can happen more often to everyone with truly amazing divine guidance of Tanya, as she is specialized in guiding anyone including you to enhanced and fulfilling relationships.

Coming to readings, various questions are/can be asked about love and marriage like: Choosing the best possible partner, how and when to meet the soul mate, time frame of successful love and marriage, Concerns of existing partners like insecurities, commitment problems, codependency issues, purpose of the existing relationship, lessons to learn in this lifetime with the help of our soul mates, what to do to improve the love life etc.

During the course of the reading I will answer your queries as YES/NO and will give all the necessary details about the existing/futuristic relationship situation/condition. I can guide you towards your true soul mate. I can help you resolve the problems in existing relationships. In fact by following the exact steps, you can share a true bonding with your beloved and can also attract your ex-g/b friend into your life once again, in a positive way.

Requirements for a reading: Name, Picture, Date and Place of birth of couple.

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