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TestimonialsodinWar, craft, guile and industriousness saw Odin become the primary god of the Nordicís. His knowledge, experience and expertise at magic then saw him propelled to the exalted position as the head of the Gods of the Germanic pantheon.

His ability to take the form of other creatures often a crow or deer made him a god feared and revered. He possessed a spear (Gungnir) which was always accurate and horse (Sleipnir) that had eight legs and defined the word courage. He drank Hydromel to increase his psychic and poetic abilities and was often seen sharing this mystical liquid with poets he admired.

He gave the legendary runes to man. Hurt and bleeding he went without food and water hanging on for nine days and nights between the nine worlds. He then found the runes and the nine songs which are the nucleus of the runes magic.

Mimir (Odinís uncle) stood guard at the divine fountain from which Odin wished to drink. In return for the drink he was asked to sacrifice one of the eyes, which he threw into the fountain and received Huginn (thought) and Munnin (memory) for the endeavour. These two took the form of ravens and were forever seen sitting on his shoulders.

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