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Testimonialsthe-nornirThree sister goddesses that were masters of time, i.e. past, present and future are known as the Nornir. In their hands lay the destinies of Gods and men.

Urd: She symbolized the past and with that wisdom had the ability to predict the future and also the fate of living beings.

Vedandi: She symbolized the present and was very strict who expected absolute honesty and disliked those that didnít possess discipline or were lacking in effort.

Skuld: She denotes the future and helped people learn from their past errors. She taught people so as to enable them to move forward with wisdom in life and not let them deteriorate.

The Nornir living near a well in Asgard ritually cared for the tree of life to ensure the universe functioned as envisioned. They were driven by wyrd (a natural force), which they moulded to determine the destinies of humans and even the gods.

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